Creating Mail Forwarders Howto Please?

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Creating Mail Forwarders Howto Please?

Postby robdob » Sun Jan 26, 2014 12:28 am


I have a post office which basically is used as forwarders i.e. -> ->

Instead of adding thousands of entries to the mail enable address map ( program files\mail enable\config\ file ) to handle the routing/forwarding of email sent to I was wondering if I could use my database. In other words each time a piece of mail arrived for I would like to run a piece of code or access a database with will be able to lookup the inbound address i.e. and supply the store with a forwarding address i.e.

Doing this would be much more efficient that having to create an address map that could run into the 10,000's of records.

Any advice would be GREATLY appreciated..


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