CreateAppointmentFromString Function

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CreateAppointmentFromString Function

Postby SomeRandomDude » Mon May 19, 2014 5:58 pm

Does anyone know where I might find documentation for the CreateAppointmentFromString function, as found in the .NET libraries, at MailEnable.Appointments.AppointmentItem ?

The .NET reference document does not contain any mention of this namespace nor this function. The documentation version on the site is for MailEnable 7.0; perhaps there's an updated version somewhere?

I'm looking to import a VCALENDAR event and add it to a mailbox's calendar. Rather than laboriously parsing the VCalendar text and setting properties, I thought perhaps the CreateAppointmentFromString() was used for just that purpose; and I could then add via MailEnable.Store.StoreFolder_CreateItem().

Any thoughts or pointers are appreciated.

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