mail enabale queue count

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mail enabale queue count

Postby attila83 » Wed Nov 19, 2014 10:44 am

i'm evaluating mailenable standard integrated in plesk .

i'mt trying to develop a munin plugin that check mailenable count .

I see the directory queue but i don't want count number of file in this directory because i'm afraid to slow down server when mail queu count is high .

I see this tool

but it open automatically an html file and tell me what i want ( mail count ) on command prompt .

There is a way to disable html file opening or another way to have mail queue count without count file in mailenable queue directory?

Other mail server have simple web api to call that return this count , there is a simple way to do this with api? I see that mailenable systray have this information it should be nice to have this information without counting every time file in directory or do other operation .

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