StoreItem_GetProperty() returning empty for all properties (c#)

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StoreItem_GetProperty() returning empty for all properties (c#)

Postby Steffp01 » Tue Dec 19, 2017 11:31 pm


I’m trying to access the content of an email via Asp.Net and I cannot seem get a value returned, no matter which property I try.

I’ve got a console app that appears to attach to the ME post office and it looks like it’s opened the mailbox I specify, because the number of messages matches those found when I loop through the messages.

But for every message StoreFolder_FindNextItem() finds, the command StoreItem_GetProperty() always brings back nothing, for any property I try. (ME_ITEM_ID, PR_SUBJECT, PR_BODY, PR_ME_SIZE, PR_ME_FROM, PR_ME_TO)

It’s MailEnable 9, Windows Server 2012. The console App does look like it’s iterating through the messages, but I can not get any information via StoreItem_GetProperty.

Can someone please help?


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