Requeue Message command file format

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Requeue Message command file format

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I use a long ago discarded email spam system and for the moment I am stuck on it. However it still works ok for now but I am trying to make a few minor enhancements to it.

I built a custom webpage to view what quarantined items and delete them if necessary, however I just can't figure out how to requeue an email if it isn't spam.

I know all the pathing and where stuff should go, I assume I just copy the mail file back to the inbound directory it came from but how do you get it to be picked up and processed (and not marked as SPAM again). I am assuming it has something to do with the command file but I have no idea what the command file for requeueing an inbound message should be. The only documentation and sample I have seen is for a outbound SMTP command file.

Also this documentation seems to no longer be linked anywhere can only find it via search (I think it's not on the developers page): ... files.html

Am I missing something I feel like this should be fairly simple to pull a message out of quarantine and have it reprocessed.

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Re: Requeue Message command file format

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Add a new header to the message body:

X-MEFilter: 1

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