Powershell Questions

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Powershell Questions

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The addition of the Powershell API / Commands to allow for maintenance of the system seems like a great idea. However, the "reference" manual is seriously lacking and it is difficult without a lot of exploring / trial to get things to work. Is there any chance you have a complete set of documentation that might be able to be made available?

Here is one example. We use the web services API to retrieve the 'Auth-Failure-Count' on a mailbox and determine if the mailbox is locked. We also set that so that we can programatically unlock the mailbox. How can this be achieved using Powershell equivalent commands? I tried the following which did not work, though it seemed to be the right idea:

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 Get-MailEnableMailbox -PostOffice mydomain.com -Mailbox juser -Setting Auth-Failure-Count
Thanks for any insights. We would really like to use this 100% for our automation of MailEnable as it fits with many of our other systems.

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