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Postby mwarble » Wed Sep 12, 2018 5:47 pm

I have a web service that sends emails on behalf my users. For domains that implement a DMARC policy I need to construct the email such that the FROM field includes an email address from my domain and I need to stick the user's (the person I'm sending the email on behalf of) email address in the REPLY-TO field. This works fine for most cases and I believe is the standard practice. The problem I'm having is when the user tries to send an email that gets bounced for some reason. Usually an incorrect email address. The problem is that the bounce notification, NDR, gets sent to email address in the FROM field, which is my service's mailer email, instead of the email in REPLY-TO field, which is user's / sender email. Because of this the if the user has bad email addresses recorded they are unaware of it, because they don't actually receive the NDR. My question is this. Is there a way to configure mail enable to send the NDR to the address in the REPLY-TO field instead of, or in addition to, the FROM field? I see a setting that allows you to set an additional email address to deliver NDRs to on the SMTP Properties => Delivery dialog, but this is a static value. I'd prefer not to have to write a script that parses all NDR's for the REPLY-TO field and then forwards it.


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