MailEnable vs Plesk: Communication Errors

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MailEnable vs Plesk: Communication Errors

Postby flibgib » Fri Feb 25, 2011 8:02 pm

I have several servers that are running MailEnable with the Plesk control panel. Several of these have recently been upgraded to the most up-to-date versions of these software packages as of a few months ago. However, in general we have varying versions on our multiple servers.

The main problem:
If users access their WebMail interface for MailEnable and change their password, this does not carry over into Plesk. Plesk will retain the original password created. This will then affect the ability for that user to log into Plesk or to access/send email using POP/IMAP - SMTP.

Users will be able to then continue logging into ME Webmail, but if they have any other programs or devices set up to access their mail, it will fail if using the new password. (Side note, we adopt progressive lock-out measures, so this will eventually result in the account being completely locked if the other device continues to try to access the account with the new password. Strangely, if they forget to update the other devices, this does not tend to pose a problem for them because Plesk has not been updated with the new password.)

Regardless, we would like for any password changes done in the ME Webmail interface to be communicated back to Plesk. Is there some simple setting or configuration that would likely enable this communication. I have not seen anyone else really discuss this issue, so I hope there is someone with some feedback that would be helpful.

(Related to the above side note, if anyone knows of a quick way to allow remote ME administration, specifically unlocking of user email accounts, we would be glad to hear ideas.)

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Re: MailEnable vs Plesk: Communication Errors

Postby MailEnable » Fri Feb 25, 2011 11:10 pm

The new changes in the web administration interface in version 5 allow the unlocking of accounts. In version 4, you could not unlock them, but could change the password (so postoffice administrators or system admins can do this via the webadmin client).

In terms of the Plesk/MailEnable password synchronization issue; I do not think this is possible with current releases.
For this to occur, the password change in MailEnable would need to be intercepted and a call made into Plesk.

For now, you may be best to disable the password change ability in MailEnable's webmail. It can be turned off via the MMC (since as you say, the password change will need to be done under Plesk in order to be consistent).

I will add an issue to the product register (at least) so that the hooks are placed in MailEnable that allow account/password change interception. Hopefully this may pave the way or better integration.
Regards, Andrew

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Re: MailEnable vs Plesk: Communication Errors

Postby PeteBatin » Fri May 20, 2016 8:48 am

Sorry to drag up an up old thread but we're now facing the same problem.

Is it not possible to execute a batch file to run the following when someone changes their password via webmail.

mail.exe --update -passwd NewPassword123

This is the command line for 12.0/.5

This would also make password rules much easier to enforce, Plesk allows you to set a level of complexity/length which I don't think is honoured by the webmail change of password process at the moment. The command line would report back whether it's acceptable or not.

In a Plesk environment I don't think anyone uses the "web administration interface" (we don't even have it enabled on our servers) because the role of this is replaced with Plesk.

We have clients who do like to manage their domain mailboxes and do so through Plesk, however the users of those mailboxes may then change the password via webmail (who don't have or allowed access to Plesk) causing the conflict.

We also have smaller clients who don't aren't provided with the Plesk login details (self employed plumber, decorator etc), not necessarily clued up with technology and would only ever use webmail/pop. They then change their passwords and it makes it harder for us to administrate those smaller accounts.

Generally for both types of customer above we are their sys-admins as their service provider and it would cause way too much confusion if we starting asking them to self administrate or give them 3 types of logins (Plesk, ME Admin Interface and Webmail).

Please consider making this addition.

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