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List Server Import / WebAdmin

Post by fwdlink » Wed Apr 15, 2020 5:59 pm

We are currently evaluating on the 60 day trial to convert from our current outdated mail server software and will look to purchase the professional version. In our testing we've come across an issue we can't seem to resolve looking here in the forums and the help files and thus are stumped on List Server importing.

Basically we need the ability for the list owner to make his/her own changes in the form of periodic mass import or export of the list. Our current software provider allows the owner to "log into" the specific mailing list via webmail and make any changes either one off or a full import or export. The group that would be using the list server feature has quite a few monthly newsletter lists for different groups, so it's a heavily used feature.

Looking at the mailEnable software we have not been able to see any import function on the webadmin http service, just the ability to modify the one off user here and there and this seems to require a domain admin. We can live with a domain admin using the http service, but we can't give that user direct access to the MMC panel due to the risks involved, unless it could be segregated to the specific domain and with a different login via RDP but prefer not to go this route. The later via MMC seems to be an enterprise feature and we won't be enterprise.

Would someone be so kind to chime in, have we overlooked something or is this really the case, hoping not considering how great the product looks and feels thusfar?


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