Certify the web and Mailenable?

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Certify the web and Mailenable?

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Hi guys.

I wonder if anyone here has used Certify the web (https://certifytheweb.com), and MailEnable with success and if so could you please be kind and share how you did it?

I am currently configuring a new email server with MailEnable and I need to find a way to get the SSL working, preferably with Let's Encrypt/Certify the web if possible.

Thanks in advance for any help with this.

Kind regards

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Re: Certify the web and Mailenable?

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I'm the developer of Certify The Web (https://certifytheweb.com) which is a certificate management UI for Windows (Let's Encrypt, ZeroSSL, BuyPass Go etc). Since MailEnable has come up a few times in the past I'm looking for folks to try out the following Certify The Web script with MailEnable:


The general process to use this would be:

- Install Certify The Web on your server (the free version will work fine for this evaluation)
- Acquire your certificate (using either http or DNS domain validation): Requesting a Certificate | Certify The Web Docs

- Add a deployment Task (the powershell scripting task) pointing to a copy of this script.

The script takes the newly renewed certificate, updates the storage permissions so that the IME_SYSTEM user can access the certificate private keys, then restarts MailEnable. It would be possible to provide configuration UI in our task if the username is likely to change. The script is based on https://mailenable.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=4&t=40948#p115342

This would generally only work for a local install of MailEnable on the same machine running Certify The Web, multi-server configurations are likely to be more complex.

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