Windows Active Directory Authentication

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Windows Active Directory Authentication

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Good morning,

Based on the information found here (, I believe that mailEnable Standard Edition should be capable of authenticating to a Windows AD server. I have installed mailEnable Standard v10.42 on Windows Server 2019 and configured the Post Office for AD authentication per the configuration guide ( and some searching on this forum ( I would post a screenshot but I can't seem to figure out how to do that here without pointing to an external URL. Settings described below:

Use Integrated Windows Authentication: checked
Use Post Office name as Windows domain name: selected
Method: Authenticate against LDAP/Active Directory
LDAP Server: IP of my PDC (I've tried my backup DC and 'localhost' and the behavior is the same)
Port: 389
SSL: unchecked
BindDN: %m@%p
Automatically create mailbox...: checked
Users must authenticate...: checked

When I try to log into the webmail interface I get a (Unknown or Disabled User!) message. I want the login to be the full e-mail address, such as "" and have tried usernames of the form "" and "user@domain" and both produce the same message.

Could anyone provide me with guidance on what may be going wrong? I've tried to look at logs but see no log entries being made regarding failed login; though I'm not sure exactly what to look for yet, so may have overlooked something.


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Re: Windows Active Directory Authentication

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Is the name of the postoffice the same as the domain under AD you are trying to authenticate against? Is the mail server part of the domain or separate? Does it have connectivity through to port 389 on the LDAP IP? If it is part of the domain does using Windows Authentication instead of LDAP/AD then work?

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