Globally apply junk-e-mail folder cleanup agent??

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Globally apply junk-e-mail folder cleanup agent??

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I can easily apply the "Mailbox Cleanup Agent" on a Postoffice by Postoffice basis via . .
MailEnable Management > Post Offices > {postoffice} properties > Agents > Mailbox Cleanup Agent . . Settings
is there a way I can do this globally for all my postoffices/domains . . as I have about 200 that need enabling??
Cheers, Stephen D

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Re: Globally apply junk-e-mail folder cleanup agent??

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You can use the system option command line utility at:

Just extract it to the Mail Enable\bin directory and you can set options for mailboxes/postoffices. So for globally you could do:

mesocu postoffice * Agent-Purge-Inbox-Enabled 1
mesocu postoffice * Agent-Purge-Inbox-Value 2000
mesocu postoffice * Agent-Purge-Inbox-DeleteUnread 1

This will enable the purge for all the inboxes for all postoffices and set it to delete unread over 2000 days old. Junk folder purging is done with:

mesocu postoffice * Agent-Purge-Junk-Enabled 1
mesocu postoffice * Agent-Purge-Junk-Value 2000
mesocu postoffice * Agent-Purge-Junk-DeleteUnread 1

Replace the * with the postoffice name if you are testing it out.

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