email whitelist per postoffice and per user

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email whitelist per postoffice and per user

Post by martkla »

i'd like to suggest a feature that most of my customers would need:

there should be an easy way for the user setting up a list with email-addresses for each postoffice and for each mailbox with webmail. mail from those email addresses (not ips) should never be treated as spam - this list should even override global filters and guarantee that the mail will be delivered.

maybe there could be a way defining if this whitelist function should override global filters or not?

i know this can be done with mailbox filters, but that's quite hard to setup for end-users, and most of my clients want to use the same list of "good" email-addresses for all mailboxes within the postoffice.

that function and some easy way to setup the list for the end user would be a really nice feature, i suppose ...

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Re: email whitelist per postoffice and per user

Post by dbr »

I am surprised that this tread has never recieved a repply. It is indeed na importante feature that shoud exist on mail enable.

Clients should be able to mange their white/blacklists ohterwise they allways depend on the sysadmin for this and sometimes what is good for a cliente is not good for another.

It also doesn't make sense that they have to do this to every mail box. Not only client administrators don't have evry mailbox passwords, but they also should be able to apply these changes to the entire postoffice. This is a standard feature that exists in most control pannels and that i was very surprised mailenable doesn't have it

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Re: email whitelist per postoffice and per user

Post by crittle1 »

I would like to agree with this suggestion. I have found that even though clients put their user on their whitelist, emails are still deleted. I would like to see an "override global" settings. I know the last email program we had on the server offered this feature and it was useful. I end up having to add their IP to the whitelist and it doesn't help when the person has a dynamic IP. Although we can now add emails to the server list, it just doesn't make sense and requires needless admin work. It should be standard. Thank you.

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Re: email whitelist per postoffice and per user

Post by poweredge »

Per mailbox whitelist/blacklist is available, but I still couldn't find the per postoffice level whitelist/blacklist setting.

Of course, this can be achieved by using postoffice level Filter, but it would be nice if such whitelist/blacklist feature is added.

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Re: email whitelist per postoffice and per user

Post by kiamori »

and one that overrides the RBL.

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