MTA service on 2-node cluster. How should it act?

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MTA service on 2-node cluster. How should it act?

Post by dslchiphead » Fri Aug 29, 2008 8:23 pm

I have a two node cluster running ME Ent V3.14. The message store was on a SAN drive and the two node pointed to it. I had problems with timeouts to the SAN and until recently I had one node's MTA service shutdown. The SAN hardware and configuration was modified and I no longer see the timeouts. So today I decided to turn the other MTA service back on for redundancy.

Should both nodes be running their MTA process actively? If I remember right in the past, I thought one node did polling against the message store to in an attempt to see the other node is running it's MTA and did not failed. If the other MTA failed, the other node MTA started up. I do not see that happening now. Both are running moving the messages around.

Can someone comment on this?



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