Webmail delete message issue in big mailbox

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Webmail delete message issue in big mailbox

Post by rsereda » Fri May 10, 2013 9:04 pm


I have same issue with Maileneble Enterprise 6.81

Same user with large mailbox (2Gb and ~2000 message in folder structure) have issue with deleting any message. No one error but delete process occupied more 40 sec
User can wait this time for delete message.

On this small mailbox this problem do not find.

Server do not overload.


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Re: Webmail delete message issue in big mailbox

Post by MailEnable » Sun May 12, 2013 2:44 am

There must be something else wrong in the environment. 2000 items is not significant. Also, 2GB of messages is also not significant.
That operation should take around a second to complete.
I just tested against my own mailbox on our production server with a mailbox containing over 6000 items and it took between 1-2 seconds to delete an e-mail item.

The size of the _index.xml file in the users mailbox is more relevant to how long it will take to remove an item, however that file will be small if you have only 2000 items in the mailbox.

I suggest checking your windows event log to determine whether there are any permission problems occurring when you delete the message.

If you want to diagnose the behaviour. I would suggest using "process montor" to monitor the exact path to the users inbox and review any errors that may occur when the deletion is in progress (there may be permissions or IO latency on the server as an example).
Regards, Andrew

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