Receiving corrupt email

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Receiving corrupt email

Post by rdewild » Wed Jan 15, 2014 7:10 pm

Over the past few days we have had several instances of a user receiving an email message that is valid (from another user on our domain (same post office)) but has mixed in spam. Almost as if you print out two books and then mix up all the pages. Very strange to see. The sender and subject are correct. But the body of the email will have e.g. two lines of the original email (good) and then 5 lines of some spam message).

I went to the source, the person who sent it, and on their machine the email looks clean. I then asked them to forward the email to me ( I am the admin) and the email is clean when I receive it.)

It has happened from two different source (all are on our domain in the same post office), but the recipient is the same. so there does appear to be a common link. But, the message is displayed with the same result (mixed up good email with Spam) regardless if we view it through a local client (Outlook 2010) or if we use the MailEnable web client ( So I don't think it is specific to the end-users client or a virus/malware on his system.

I am very confused and I am not sure where to start looking for something like this. It has happened twice the last two days, so very sporadically.
But, the original messages are important so I can not really ignore this.

Tracking the message via the "Message tracker" does not reveal anything unusual. Looks to go clean through the system

We use ME Enterprice 6.81 and have ClamAV configured.
The Server also has ESET file Security.
All the workstations have ESET Nod 32 AV

Anyone else with this issue?

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