use different ip to smtp different domains

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use different ip to smtp different domains

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Hi, i been tried to contact sales for two days to be sure about this functionallity in enterprise edition. That i need to know is the following:

- Post office binding works for smtp to? so, when i'm sendind and email of one of my domains is sending by one public ip, and through a different ip for the other domain for example?
- Then, this ip used to smtp showed in the email header, are the local ip of the server? how i do to use different public ip? each public ip must be configured in the network card or different networks cards? But, if i use the same default gateway for both ip, the outgoing ip must be the same right?

So, excellent i have post office bindings but how can i solved send emails through different publics ip address for each domain?

Damián Fiorito

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