Filtering delivery failures

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Brett Rowbotham
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Filtering delivery failures

Post by Brett Rowbotham » Wed Jun 11, 2014 6:39 am

We send out emails via a specific list address every month or so. There are always delivery failures so I implemented a filter that uses a script to match common delivery failure messages being received by the Reply To address and to move those messages to another user folder rather than cluttering up the original sender folder.

This script works well when delivery failures are returned directly to the sender. Some servers will however return failure messages to postmaster which then passes theses messages, as well as delay messages, to the original sender via the Post Office Connector. This appears to bypass the filter so we end up with unwanted messages for the original sender.

First question, do filters apply to all connectors (PO connector included) or only certain connecters and, if so, which of them ?

Second question, how do I get to filter delivery failures that are being received by postmaster but which are intended for another address (in this case the original sender to the list) ?


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