Importing a calendar to outlook

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Importing a calendar to outlook

Post by Ehenzel1978 » Wed Aug 26, 2015 2:06 pm

Hello all,

I am trying to accomplish a shared calendar that we can use to track shipments that are coming in from our factory. I need it to be accessible to multiple people, and found I can do that quite easily through the MAPI connector for Outlook, or via the ICS file.

The next thing to accomplish, is to be able to update the calendar with an import from an Excel document. This is because we get updates once a week from the factory via Excel documents, and trying to enter all the required info by hand would take hours. I have the document formatted correctly, but every time I try to import the calendar, I get an error:

MAPI error 0x80040201

When I try and look this error up, it only shows in relation to sending and receiving mail, not on the importing of a calendar.

I have tried to import the file to the calendar via the ICS file, but get an error that says I can't make changes to the contents of this read-only folder.

Is there a permission I am missing on the server or is this a problem with Outlook? Is there a better way to accomplish this maybe? Any help on this would be greatly appreciated.
Eric Henzel
IT Department
Leather Italia USA

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