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MailEnable WebMail

Postby Bic » Thu Feb 16, 2017 6:47 pm

Good morning
sorry for my english (google translate)

I MailEnable Enterprise 9:00
I continue to have continually attacks by hackers brute force on webmail webmail stops for a few seconds and starts regularly.
I receive these emails allert one every minute or so:
-------------------------------------------------- -
MailEnable WebMail Responsiveness

MailEnable WebMail is not responding.

MailEnable WebMail Responsiveness: Encountered an error: Timed out waiting for expected response; received:
HTTP / 1.1 404 Not Found
etc. etc
-------------------------------------------------- -

Question: How can I enter a CAPTCHA to access webmail?

I saw on your webmail online demo
http: // ...
you have added a form field "KEY", how can I turn this that I find? or a normal CAPTCHA?

Thank you :D

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