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Block Images/Links

Postby PMad » Fri Mar 24, 2017 10:21 pm

Outlook has a pretty good feature when opening emails with images and/or attachments where it will block the images and prevent users from clicking on the links until the user clicks a link at the top saying that the email is safe.

I was wondering if MailEnable has a feature similar to this? I've looked and looked and havent seen one, but MailEnable has a ton of options all over the place so its very possible i'm missing it.

I simply want to be able to put emails into a junk folder and try opening it. Sometimes im worried an email might actually be spam, and i dont want to open it where it loads an image that was strategically placed so that if that file was ever accessed, that means it was accessed through my email address, therefor validating that my email address is active, and then they continue to spam me and sell my email address to others as "Verified Active". One simple email can open a bottomless can of worms.

If nobody knows of one, i'll open a suggestion.

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