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priority of executing

Post by kather » Mon Dec 18, 2017 9:33 am

Using Mail Enabled Enterprise v10.10 we are wondering what the priority of executing is within Mail Enable.

There are filters (under Messaging Manager); spam protection (under Messaging Manager) and the possibility to run a filter/blocking application under MTA. And of course there is the possibility to create filters related to a postoffice, domain and/or mail box.

First question is a filter created on the postoffice level also valid for all domains and mail boxes under this post office? Or do we have to create this filter on the post office level also on the domain / mail box level?

Second question concerns the priority of executing.

Will the MTA application runs first; then the settings on the spam protection and at last the created filters (under Messaging manager)? Or on any other sequence?
We assume that alle filters created on the post office, domain and/of mail box level will be executed as the last ones.

We hope for some anwsers
have a nice day

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