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question about chat

Post by kather » Wed Jan 10, 2018 9:33 am


using v10.10 Enterprise we have for test purpose enabled the chat function for only 1 post office.

When different users of this post office are logged in to the webmail they can al see the other online users. So far so good.

Using a desktop chat client like Trillian/Windows we created an account using the protocol Jabber/XMPP. So the client shows that there is a connection but in the webmail of the other users no change in the status of this desktop user is shown.
We have tried several other clients we found on this forums and according to the writers of this forum message will work.

The account connection in the desktop client is set up like:

hostname: [postoffice]
port: 5222 (open on the server and desktop)
username: [valid and complet email accountname]
password: [valid password]

The desktop client shows that there is a connection.

We also tried some Android clients but also here we had no luck. The client shows the connection but with other users in the web mail nothing changes.

Anyone an idea? Are we missing something?

have a nice day..

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