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Postby dcol » Sat Jan 27, 2018 4:17 pm

Is there any way to whitelist from Outlook. I know you can do it in WebMail, but all of my users use Outlook. This is the #1 complaint from my users. I have a very good filter setup which catches 99% of spam, but like any spam filter there can be false positives. There are many users and I do not have regular contact with them nor do I have a lot of availability to do it for them.

I have setup a training folder for Bayesian, but most of the spam is caught by Spam Assassin. I know that SA also has a training mechanism called sa-learn. I assume the Bayesian engine is separate from the one in Spam Assassin. If sa-learn is an available tool in ME, I could write another script to do the same task as the Bayesian script. I have installed Spam Assassin-in-a-box.

Also, do I really need Bayesian if I an also running Spam Assassin? Need some guidance and suggestions.


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