Migration from G Suite to MailEnable

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Migration from G Suite to MailEnable

Postby Alex_K » Wed Nov 07, 2018 2:42 pm


I had success migrating some mailboxes from G Suite to MailEnable by logging in to actual mailbox and using Options->Advanced->Import menu. From that menu I could enter Server, Port and check SSL.
However, I can't seem to migrate any mailbox by using MailEnable Migration Centre. Not only I can't specify Server, Port or SSL, I have no control of the progress. In Monitor tab it shows that migration failed for some mailboxes due to wrong username/password but I can't stop it by pressing Cancel Mailbox. It still shows up again after a minute or so with status In Progress (IMAP). Is this a bug?

What's the best way to migrate mailboxes without interacting with users?

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