MailEnable discards SpamAssasin Headers

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MailEnable discards SpamAssasin Headers

Post by pkirtz » Tue Nov 27, 2018 3:18 pm

We're using MailEnable for many years now and up to now we had no major difficulties with it.

About a half year ago we were faced with a lot of spam...
After some analysis we noticed that most of our spam was delivered by our mx-backup which wasn't a MailEnable instance.
We found out that this is a common case that is often used by spammers, because backup systems are usualy not so well configured as the main mailserver and also backup systems are usualy whitelisted.

So we put our heads together to develop a solution to avoid this. We came up with the idea where the main mailserver and the backup mailserver running both on MailEnable and both on the same database.
This works pretty well so far!

Main Problem
We are still having some spam related problems which are currently showing in too much false positive mails.
After some investigation we were able to track down the problem to SpamAssasin - which obviously rated the mails as spam.

To finaly fix this issue we have to analyse the rating of SpamAssasin.
After reading the documentation of SpamAssasin we thought that this shouldn't be a problem. Just simply set report_spam to 0 and than SpamAssasin should add the report to the mail header.

But this isn't working because ME seems to discard the mail headers which are set by SpamAssasin.
Our guess is that the SpamAssasin Client which is implemented in MailEnable doesn't care about the headers.

Maybe there is a hidden setting which says "copy all headers from spam-assasin", but we haven't found it yet.
Is there any solution to get this working instead of using MESpamC, as offered as "work around" in 2016 ( ... =7&t=40671)?

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Re: MailEnable discards SpamAssasin Headers

Post by MailEnable-Ian » Fri Dec 07, 2018 12:13 am


Please review our SpamAssassin integration guide: ... D=me020596

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Re: MailEnable discards SpamAssasin Headers

Post by Garre » Fri Dec 14, 2018 9:41 pm


This does not address the issue raised. I contacted support several years ago about this very issue and got only some minor response and no solution. Although you said you were working on it.

When SpamAssassin is called within MailEnable the header information is removed. The only way to keep the header information, that I have found, is to call SpamAssassin as a pickup event inside the MTA and turn off SpamAssassin directly within MailEnable. If you do that the header information will remain in the file. (You will have to adjust your filters to make it all work.) The problem is that there is a lot more overhead and the system will slow down when you use the pickup event method.

You can call Spamd from the MTA pickup is by using MESpamC. Get it at

However, the best solution would be for MailEnable to provide an option to keep the header information.

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