Outgoing mail always stuck in SMTP Outbound queue(Mailenable Enterprise v10.26)

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Outgoing mail always stuck in SMTP Outbound queue(Mailenable Enterprise v10.26)

Post by paul.valdez » Tue Oct 08, 2019 12:54 pm

Outgoing mail is stuck in SMTP Outbound queue. I always need to click the Send or send all in the outbound before the mail will be sent to there mail destination. Can any one help me on this?Been searching and applying the fix that I read and search but none of them works. When sending to gmail or any email address I always get an error message "The socket connection to the remote host failed." Ill post the Message Trace Result here.

Fork/Split: Message ID [C172826DF8684636BB9EC720FD216D41.MAI] requeued/split into 1 messages for delivery to target domains.
Queued: Message ID [C172826DF8684636BB9EC720FD216D41.MAI] queued for delivery to the domain [gmail.com] at the SMTP Outbound Queue with a new Message ID of [C172826DF8684636BB9EC720FD216D41.MAI]

Debug delivery information for Message ID [C172826DF8684636BB9EC720FD216D41.MAI]
10/08/19 20:48:15 ME-I0018: [41799B9BD1F947DAB0B0E56D65A7A062.MAI] Outbound message from ([SMTP:****.*****@*******.com.ph]) requeued as [C172826DF8684636BB9EC720FD216D41.MAI] to the target domain [gmail.com]
10/08/19 20:48:15 ME-I0026: [C172826DF8684636BB9EC720FD216D41.MAI] Sending message
10/08/19 20:48:15 ME-IXXXX: [C172826DF8684636BB9EC720FD216D41.MAI] DNS resolved to the following record: IP Address=**.***.***.**, Family=2, Type=1, Protocol=6
10/08/19 20:48:15 ME-I0148: [C172826DF8684636BB9EC720FD216D41.MAI] DATE (DATA Termination) command failed with temporary return code.
10/08/19 20:48:15 ME-E0034: [C172826DF8684636BB9EC720FD216D41.MAI] DATA command returned with a 421 response, meaning that the entire message should be retried.
10/08/19 20:48:15 ME-I0009: [C172826DF8684636BB9EC720FD216D41.MAI] Remote server has closed connection after 0 milliseconds. Server Response: (-)
10/08/19 20:48:15 ME-E0033: [C172826DF8684636BB9EC720FD216D41.MAI] DATA Transmission failed.
10/08/19 20:48:15 ME-E0059: [C172826DF8684636BB9EC720FD216D41.MAI] Message Delivery Failure. Attempt (0): Domain (gmail.com) returned temporary error for email. Message has been requeued.

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