Problems with some characters in password

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Problems with some characters in password

Post by sindrehi » Thu Apr 30, 2020 12:21 pm


We see that some characters are not working from some emailclients. Last out was this character \
We normally use the password suggested by mailenable, so this character was in the password.

The password worked perfectly installing email account on iphone and ipad, but when trying to add same account to windows /outlook it didnt work. I spent many hours trying to understand. The thing was that when creating account in outlook the test for sending was successfull, but not connecting to imap. So IMAP connection was refused based on password, but not SMTP. And then after a while testing I figured out that it was the \ that was the problem.

I guess there is two solutions to the problem, one is to avoid \ from password when creating new password or two to see why password with \ is not working from some email clients.

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