Ham insertion/Delivered missing email

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Ham insertion/Delivered missing email

Post by 227ths » Tue Jul 28, 2020 3:49 pm

I sent an email this morning to a local user.
Webmail nor outlook/imap clients displays the email.
But, I -do- see the raw email in his inbox on server side in Postoffice area.

1. What does this mean below 'Ham insertion'/RPC action? There is zero documentation on what these log entries mean under Google. Why don't all legit/delivered Inbox emails show like that in log? Does the 'Insert Ham' designation mean it's simply more trusted then others?
2. And more importantly: Why isn't webmail/imap client showing the email when in fact it shows up in inbox area in raw search? I also see it being delivered fine under POC activity log. So, why don't we see it under a client or webmail?

MTA debug log

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07/28/20 14:28:19	ME-MTA-ROUTE [0FA007380CF34A2D827E8F642207A0D8.MAI] from [SMTP] Connector queued to [SF] Connector as [651F5637CBD74FC8BB3138C509312F1F.MAI]
07/28/20 14:28:20	ExecuteRPCAction:: Executed HAM Insertion. File Name: E:\Postoffices\example.com\MAILROOT\USERNAMEREMOVED\\Inbox\651F5637CBD74FC8BB3138C509312F1F.MAI| Result:1
SF/POC debug log

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07/28/20 14:28:20	[651F5637CBD74FC8BB3138C509312F1F.MAI] Message submitted as HAM [E:\Postoffices\example.com\MAILROOT\USERNAMEREMOVED\\Inbox\651F5637CBD74FC8BB3138C509312F1F.MAI].
07/28/20 14:28:20	[651F5637CBD74FC8BB3138C509312F1F.MAI] Delivered message from [SMTP:sending-user@example.org] to PO=example.com MBX=USERNAMEREMOVED FLD=\Inbox

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Re: Ham insertion/Delivered missing email

Post by MailEnable-Ian » Tue Jul 28, 2020 11:59 pm


What version of MailEnable Enterprise are you running? The web mail should list what is on the server. The only reason it wouldn't is if the _index.xml file located within the users folder is corrupted. You can force an index update by creating a change flag file. Open Windows Notepad and save as: _change.dty (the file is simply an empty text file). Place the file in the folder where the messages are not appearing and then login to the MailEnable Web mail client to see if messages are now visible.

Ian Margarone
MailEnable Support

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