Copy of NDRs address per postoffice

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Copy of NDRs address per postoffice

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We currently have one postoffice in our MailEnable Enterprise, but we are planning on adding a postoffice. We would like a copy of all NDRs generated at that postoffice to go do a different address than NDRs generated in the first postoffice.

The only place I can see to set an address for NDRs to be copied to is in the SMTP Server's properties, in the Delivery tab, so I imagine this setting will be effective for all postoffices.

Is there a way to configure this setting per postoffice?



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Re: Copy of NDRs address per postoffice

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No, sorry, there is not an option for this. You should be able to create a postoffice level filter though that makes a copy of any message from postmaster and forwards a copy to the address you need.

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