ASSP / Mailenable Assistance

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ASSP / Mailenable Assistance

Postby Psychotext » Wed Apr 01, 2009 2:32 pm

I've been searching the site for info on some solutions to spam / connection limit problems I've been having with a mail server and it seems that ASSP keeps being recommended. I'm trying to get a bit more info though, and so far I haven't had a great deal of luck with ASSP communities so I figured I'd ask here. A few questions...

1: How easy is it to configure ASSP to run with mailenable, specifically Mailenable Enterprise running with TAB storage files. Any example configuration files out there?

2: I've installed this on a test server and I can only assume I got something wrong because it appeared to install an astonishing amount of perl modules... lots of which I couldn't imagine having much to do with the checking of mail. I used the install.cmd file in the c:\assp\assp.mod\install directory. I must admit that I found the install instructions to be a bit poor (there doesn't seem to be an all in one document) so I can't really tell if I'm installing as I should be.

3: Is ActivePerl generally considered secure? I assume I can get away with not installing the IIS portions of the functionality to reduce the attack surface?

4: The functionality I'm specifically looking for is being able to temporarily ban the IP of someone either sending a lot of spam or connecting too much. Does this handle that?

Answers to those and any other advice those experienced with the software would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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