Inundated with spam - plug in recommendations?

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Inundated with spam - plug in recommendations?

Post by richs99 »

Hi there

We're currently receiving around one spam email every 10 minutes to our main user email accounts, and because of that I really need some recommendations for a decent antispam plugin for Mailenable Enterprise on Win2k12R2.

Unfortunately the outlook plugins I've looked at don't seem to work with the Mailenable Outlook connector so we are looking for a server side solution.

We tried MXScan but after installing it we couldn't run the mailenable management interface any more (it just crashed on opening), so we had to abandon that.

Any advice gratefully received!

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Re: Inundated with spam - plug in recommendations?

Post by smccarthy945 »

I know this is old but we use Untangle firewall and utilize their SMTP scanning modules. You can download it at and install and configure. It works great for blocking spam. Otherwise, you can contact us at as we offer SMTP scanning if you are interested in us handling it for you.

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Re: Inundated with spam - plug in recommendations?

Post by Maranda » ... 37#p112224

I can safely say my mail address, being publicly exposed for requirement, is probably in some of the worst spam harvesting listings and none get through atm. The pro point is that you won't need any 3rd party application, hope that helps.

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