SMTP connectors

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Hamza liaqat
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SMTP connectors

Post by Hamza liaqat »

Hi, i am using Mail enable enterprise plus demo version for 60 days demo and once the design and flow is final, we are planning to buy it.

We are facing some issue in email relay to outside domains, when i am sending email to outside domain it seems like my IP is in blacklists and not authorized to send email to outer domains, I reached out to my ISP and they said i need to whitelist on my own which i ll do for sure. They also told me they have service SMTP Connectors relay which can help us, all we need to do to configure their SMTP connecters in mail enable and all email will be go through their server which will resolve our blaklisting and whitelisting problems and we can have smoth operations of emails (They will whitelist IP from internet is bloced somewhere)

Does Mailenable provide any SMTP connectors like my ISP? as it would be great to stick with one vendor instead of many e.g.Server hosted in my data center, email send to my server and relay to your server and from their it will forwad to cencerns domains .


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Re: SMTP connectors

Post by DaveTheWave »

As long as your ISP is non-residential, and port 25 isn't blocked, you certainly have the capacity to send outgoing mails from ME directly to other MX servers.

Go to a good website like mxtoolbox and read everything. They teached me a lot on everything that had to be done to make a good "for sure I am not a spammer"relay.

Basically you need to create a "perfect" MX environment. That means a good reverse DNS, a valid ptr, a good spf record, a proper 220 welcome message.

Majority of spammers are sloppy, they don't have the capacity to learn what is needed to be done. All the above already filters out a good 95% of them.

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