Mail Enquiry Queries, TLS

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Mail Enquiry Queries, TLS

Post by jeffhsu » Mon Apr 13, 2015 7:06 am

I hope I can get some answers to my queries as I need to urgently deploy mailenable enterprise premium 8.6 on a production windows server 2012 server

1) How does setup/enable TLS properly?
I have enabled Enable TLS in the Authentication/Security Types
In the Port Settings, I specify port 587, Requires SSL and Only allow secure authenication (using SSL or TLS)
I not sure do I need to turn on SSL (SSL is installed)
Kindly advise if there is correct and if other settings need to be set?

2) In relation to the TLS, I tested with and without SSL,
TLS can be set as the outgoing 587 port in Outlook
My outlook works fine for some time, but then after awhile, it cannot SMTP establish connection to the server, error message saying cannot connect.
Even if I close and open outlook, does not work
Only if I change outlook settings to 587 with SSL, instead of TLS,
or if I use 465 with SSL or port 25 with None, it is more stable, with no drop in connection
Any advise to get a stable TLS connection?
(Gmail does not have stable TLS at times)

3) I tested the MAPI connector, it did not work smoothly for me
I cannot click the Out of Office and Share Resource feature, it was just not able to connect, Not Responding, (the syn folders and message is fine)
then I found the issue is the AVG antivirus incoming email scan, causing the problem, once disable it works fine
Is this a norm that antivirus will cause problems?
I not sure whether can advise users to stop their antivirus if they want to use MAPI
Kindly advise the limitations

4) If I want to backup/forward for a user's full Incoming and Outgoing email to another email, what is the easiest method to do it?

5) I have a lot of users to migrate over, not very sure how your migration tool work, not very successful.
I also used your IMAP Fetch Utility, I think it works to copy over the inbox of the IMAP folder,
but not the other IMAP folders, is there a better tool?

Appreciate if anyone can help me

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