Best Practice to Migrate, Move and Join Multiple Email Accounts with Duplicate Emails

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Best Practice to Migrate, Move and Join Multiple Email Accounts with Duplicate Emails

Postby Adam14 » Tue Jun 20, 2017 4:11 pm

My question is more about overall strategy for my particular situation. I know that the .MAI files from one mail box can be moved to another mail box to migrate individual emails. I also see that you can delete the index file or create a _change.dty file to rebuild the email index/database/tracking.

I have a business client who sold a business. When the sale first happened I was asked to build all of the same email addresses in the domain for business B, and forward all email from Business A to Business B to give staff time to get the new setup complete and all marketing to be updated. However, forwarding these emails has left duplicate emails in both accounts and now they want to complete the migration by moving all of the past emails over and removing all of the Business A mailboxes.

I can move all of the emails over as noted above and I can force the index file to be recreated. My issue is that this is leaving a lot of duplicate emails as they were forwarded over from Business A to Business B for almost a month (so the file content and file name is a bit different because they were forwarded). I'm not sure anyone will have any suggestions, but I'm looking for the cleanest way to merge these two email accounts or a good way (besides Outlook's cleanup feature) that will be able to remove the duplicate emails based on the email content. And/Or, I would love to hear any suggestions of a better strategy that I can suggest last time as this was not really thought out in advance.


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