COM Surrogate errors

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Post by merk » Wed Nov 12, 2003 12:33 pm

i just got done installing the update. One small problem during the install ... the progress box just disappeared for 30 seconds or so during the install. I thought the install was actually done. It didnt seem to have any errors though. Hopefully i wont see any more COM errors.

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Post by RBogan » Thu Nov 13, 2003 10:15 am

support wrote:The release with the COM+ Surrogate fix is available.

Richard, with respect to your issues - these issues are isolated ONLY to your machine (ie: no one else has reported these issues before). Furthermore, your issues (in as much that I have read of them) appear not to inhbiting the functionality of the application.

Consider that MailEnable as an application must make some assumptions about the underlying platform on which it is installed - the environment/operating platform must also be stable. In previous threads it seems that you have asjusted COM+ permissions etc - this can clearly cause issues and are very difficult to diagnose. Eg: In terms of supporting people with specific issues, we can only send patches in an attempt to aquire more informatoion about any configuaration anomolies that may prevent the software from functioning.

The alternative is for us to inspect your machine rather than sending you patches as part of an interative diagnostic process (which in your case is exactly what has been happening).


As mentioned in private email...the problems have disappeared since we dumped the old server/ME installation. We've moved our mailserver into the same datacenter as our other servers, and after the new installations on new problems...yet.

Of course, we're a bit hesitant to update to the latest Pro version...but I expect we'll be setting up a test server for it soon.

By the way...has anyone with com surrogate errors had any problems since updating to the recent Pro release?

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Post by merk » Thu Nov 13, 2003 10:52 am

unfortunately i still have the COM errors. I just logged onto the server and there was a COM error.

Still doesnt seem to be effecting the operations of the server in any way. But still a little worrying.

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Post by DevelopStuff » Thu Nov 13, 2003 3:55 pm

same here.. had yet another COM error.. :: sigh ::

notice how they also have removed the update off of their main page, which was there the last few days!



Post by Shadow » Thu Nov 13, 2003 4:26 pm

I had gotten the COM+ errors when I rebooted after the install, but I haven't seen them since. Previously, I got the error every time I logged in with terminal services.

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