Mailenable Mailboxes moving to new server

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Mailenable Mailboxes moving to new server

Postby wisp » Sat Nov 25, 2017 6:25 pm

Is it possible to move mailenable to a new server without the old mail (this could be archived or kept on an old server) but all the rest of the configuration like the email ids etc as below?

Step 1: Move configuration and email ids without the old emails
Step 2: move old emails gradually

Is this possible?
Thanks a lot.

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Re: Mailenable Mailboxes moving to new server

Postby rfwilliams777 » Fri Dec 01, 2017 1:51 am

I have set up/migrated my mail server numerous times to new ones. Below is the process I always take:
1) Make sure all windows updates and IIS is fully ready to go (just like any other web server)
2) Install the newest release of ME
3) Make all changes to the settings and whatnot by matching (visually) the old server
4) Manually set up the domains/post offices and then their email accounts
5) Change DNS records a domain at a time to verify that mail is going to the new server and people are using the new server (I recommend a slow weekend or overnight). Depending on the number of domains, this may have to span multiple days to minimize down time as much as possible.
6) Once accounts are fully on the server, copy email over. Be sure to delete ALL index files in each folder. A pain, but needed.

So, you can not do step 6 unless needed or when ready.

I have also been hired to do the above for other companies.
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