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MailEnable Premium Queries

Post by jeffhsu » Tue Jun 18, 2019 4:40 am

I have ME Premium 10.23
I need some info, as required by client's bank IT
Kindly help advise the correct answer

1) TLS Static Route or Standard MX Delivery?
Indicate if TLS sessions has to be established for ‘mail sent and received’ to the current MX host or to a specific TLS route.

- In SMTP, we have Inbound TLS, Allow clients to establish secure sessions via STARTSSL and Outbound TLS, send using TLS if remote server support it
Does it mean we are under TLS Static Route or still under Standard MX Delivery?

2) Cipher Strength
Indicate the cipher strength running on your Mail Host. Must be 256 or higher.

- What is the Cipher strength of ME?

Appreciate if you could reply me

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