MailEnable 10.28 Now Available

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MailEnable 10.28 Now Available

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MailEnable version 10.28 for Standard, Professional, Enterprise and Premium Editions is available for download from:

The following change list outlines changes in version 10.28:

ADD: Recurring tasks are now supported by the MAPI Connector
ADD: Custom Special folders can now be created via the MAPI Connector
IMP: Caldav/CardDAV resources containing extended characters can now be accessed via localised URL
IMP: IMAP XLIST is now enabled by default
FIX: Installer now strips spaces from postoffice names
FIX: Shared special folders created in webmail were not visible to the MAPI client
FIX: IMAP SPECIAL-USE folder capability is now advertised when XLIST is enabled
FIX: Webmail could corrupt 8bit emails if it read a message before marking as read
FIX: XMPP is not always closing dead connections
FIX: SMTP is reindexing mailboxes if mailbox needs updating, but SMTP service does not need to do it at that time
FIX: XMPP logs were not in 24hr time
FIX: NAMESPACE was not being shown in the CAPABILITY response for IMAP
FIX: Message with UTF8 subject causes error in webmail due to incorrect XML
FIX: Mailbox Search causes crash where FIPS is enabled
FIX: .NET error when creating or editing mailbox level filter in web mail with no action set
FIX: Improve diagnostics utility output
FIX: Webmail was stripping the dir attribute from div tags so RTL emails are not viewed correctly
FIX: Shared special folder created in webmail was not visible to the MAPI client
FIX: Even if no filters configured on a postoffice it was still parsing each message if postoffice filter option enabled
FIX: Quota not being rebuilt correctly if invalid unicode was in an index file
FIX: Some unicode folder names created in webmail were not being encoded correctly for IMAP clients
FIX: Transfer encoding may be missed in IMAP BODYSTRUCTURE on some headers