Documentation for SMTP-Inbound.vbs?

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Documentation for SMTP-Inbound.vbs?

Post by ShawnKHall »

Is there any documentation for SMTP-Inbound.vbs?

I want to use an ME_DATA search to reject messages that include specific substrings in the body (longer than words or that use control characters), but I don't see any way to actually search the message body in the ME_DATA function. The values that are listed for search substitution don't include DATA so I'm hoping that it's just a documentation oversight.

Perhaps it's because of the version of SMTP-Inbound.vbs that I'm using? The comment block is below:

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' ME_ResultData is the string that will be used as the response string
' Return ME_Success for the command to succeed
' Return ME_Failure for the command to fail
' See comments in each function for further details about returning success/failure
' Available substitutions. Wrap with %, eg. %SUBSTITUTION%
' IPADDRESS      IP address of the connection
' POSTOFFICE     Postoffice which
' SENDER         Sender address in MailEnable format ([SMTP:address])
' RECIPIENTS     Recipient list ([SMTP:address];[SMTP:address];etc)
' RECIPIENT      Current recipient address
' RESPONSE       The response that willl currently be sent
' HELO           The string the remote server sent in the EHLO/HELO command
' SENDERAUTH     0 or 1 depending on whether the sender has authenticated

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