use of antispam and antivirus

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use of antispam and antivirus

Post by webstream » Tue Sep 22, 2020 1:49 am

What is the best way to use antispam and antivirus in mailenable ?
1. Magic spam
i use standard version with magicspam, however this lacks control
for the user, as the user cannot use the whitelist and blacklist feature and
the user has to be totally be dependent on the server administrator.
magic spam does not have functionality to allow user to control the spam settings,
there is no way the user can whitelist email ids / domains to be allowed.

2. spam assisan in a box
this software when installed blocks lots of legitmate emails and there is no interface to
control the filter, you need to manually edit the filter files,
So you need to first learn the software as well,

3. Though i have tried to use magicspam hourly limits in the standard version, it does not work as expected
for me, the smtp IPs get blacklisted ever now and then for spamming which i cannot control,
the only way can control the smtp traffic is using the outgoing limits sent in magicspam,

i need to spend additional monthly for magicspam to control my mail server and make it rubust.

Is there a better way to use the anti-spam feature on the mail server itself ?

Request experienced users to throw light on the subject. Thanks in advance.

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