MailEnable Standard Upgrade to MailEnable Pro debacle

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MailEnable Standard Upgrade to MailEnable Pro debacle

Post by LarrySeawell » Sun Nov 01, 2020 3:05 am

Thankfully, only a single domain mail server and only spent 2.5 days trying to get the new install functional. Again, thankfully, because this is one of 3 mail servers for the domain and not being the primary, it can it can do it's job which is to send email. It can not receive any incoming traffic. Remote servers cannot connect to it. results of smtp test is:
Connecting to
10/31/2020 9:01:54 PM Connection attempt #1 - Unable to connect after 15 seconds. [15.03 sec]
LookupServer 15028ms

I had made no DNS or any other kind of configuration changes. The ME System diagnostic shows:
Application Directory: C:\PROGRA~2\MAILEN~1\Bin64
Environment Variables: Invalid - Please ensure the MailEnable BIN directory is in your PATH statement. Please reboot if you have not yet done so.
The PATH statement shows both BIN and BIN64 listed. I tried removing the path with BIN and rebooted
without good results so I put it back in just in case.
The ME Diag also says the OS is Server 2012 R2 Std but is in fact Server 2016 Std.
I could go on... and on. Should I try the installation again? Should I uninstall ME and reinstall then reconfigure everything? Should I just walk away whistling past the graveyard?

I've been using MailEnable for a long time on multiple servers with many domains and until now had no problems. Best in it's class!

Stay healthy & safe!

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