Outlook user - Calendar Duplicates

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Outlook user - Calendar Duplicates

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Good Morning Everyone,

I have a MAPI user who is having a problem only when they receive calendar invites. When they accept the invite, there will be TWO of that event on the calendar. This doesn't occur when he sends them. When logged into webmail, there is only one event on that calendar. So, I'm pretty sure this is something with either the outlook connector or a setting in Outlook that. It seems like one is created locally and another is created/sync'd with the server... I cannot find information about this anywhere!!!

Outlook support articles always suggest internet/server problems, 3rd party programs, configured accounts, rules and their support assistant told me it is the add-ins fault (Open Protocols) and would not even continue listening. Big help they are. This user has zero other issues and has zero rules established.

I've been troubleshooting for a couple weeks now and hopefully someone here might have a suggestion.

Thanks for any help!

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