Previously-working Mailbox.AddMailbox() call now fails

Vikash Shah
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Previously-working Mailbox.AddMailbox() call now fails

Postby Vikash Shah » Tue Jul 28, 2009 3:42 pm

I have recently taken over responsibility for a C# project that uses MailEnable to add some very basic email support between the multiple users of this bespoke software.

The previous developer had left it in a state where I could build the software and, from 2 machines, run up a multi-user session and initiate a MailEnable-driven email dialog between them. The software dynamically created mailboxes for each user on initialisation, and later tore them down on terminating the session.

However, something has since gone wrong and a session cannot now initialise. The previously working call to AddMailbox() which used to return 1 for success is now returning 0, thus no mailbox is created and the software therefore gives up. The code relating to the messaging part of the software is unchanged from before, and I cannot determine what could have changed to stop this working. The calls to AddPostbox() and AddDomain() do still return 1 for success, but AddMailbox() now returns false.

I would be grateful for ANY suggestions on how to diagnose this further, and can try to answer any specific questions you may have. Thanks in advance.

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