MailEnable Version 6.5 & Exchange ActiveSync (EAS) Released

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MailEnable Version 6.5 & Exchange ActiveSync (EAS) Released

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MailEnable has extended its support for mobile devices by allowing tight integration with Microsoft ActiveSync enabled devices (including iPhone, Windows 7 Mobile, Android). ActiveSync allows MailEnable to provide the same experience to these mobile devices as is available through Microsoft Exchange.

ActiveSync provides a simple, one-stop solution for storing and accessing contacts, calendar and messaging. It is much more powerful than than other synchronization protocols (SyncML,CalDAV, CardDAV, etc) allowing synchronization with a larger array of content types, device provisioning, security policies and remote wipe. ActiveSync also provides a message transport in that it allows sending and transactional updates to server items.

When combined with MailEnable’s impressive Outlook Integration and other collaboration features, ActiveSync compliments and strengthens MailEnable’s dominance in rich messaging and collaboration.

Visit the MailEnable website and download version 6.5 or later
Upgrade your version of MailEnable to the downloaded version.
Read the ActiveSync deployment guide and follow the instructions: ( ... _Guide.pdf).
Activate the 30 day trial, and allow your iPhone, Windows 7 Mobile and other devices to connect and experience Exchange ActiveSync.

More Information on Exchange ActiveSync (EAS) for MailEnable is available from the MailEnable Web Site (
Regards, Andrew