SharePoint Email Enabled Doc Libraries & the Drop Folder

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SharePoint Email Enabled Doc Libraries & the Drop Folder

Postby apginn » Wed Aug 01, 2012 12:06 pm


I am wanting to use MailEnable in my development environment to enable me to test some custom handling for emails coming into a SharePoint 2007 Document Library.

SharePoint has a timer job that examines the SMTP Drop Folder and moves emails from it into the target Document Library. I have set up an SMTP Virtual Server in IIS, and am using Outlook to send emails. This all works as expected, with the sent email arriving in the mail box name which is associated with the SharePoint Document Library.

The "problem" that I have is that, I believe, MailEnable clears the Drop Folder when it processes the incoming email. I can see the email arriving in the mail box, and I can see in the SharePoint logs that the timer job fires and finds nothing in the Drop Folder. So my question is: how can I get MailEnable not to clear out the Drop Folder, or is there some other mechanism I can use to allow SharePoint to pick up the in-transit email?



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