SNIMTA - Custom bouncebacks

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SNIMTA - Custom bouncebacks

Postby Adley » Fri May 09, 2014 3:23 pm

I'm not sure whether this should go into the ME standard list or here; mods please help me if I got this wrong.

Right, so I run SNIMTA over ME standard on a Plesk server. This is a pretty high traffic production box with quite a lot of users.

Now, SNIMTA seems to be doing its job really well and catching a bucket-load of spam. However, there are a few false-positives - legitimate uses of phrases in the banned list. In such cases, the users have no clue why the mail was rejected as the bounce back is pretty un-informative. They usually have to contact my team who then look through the logs and figure it all out.

Is there a way to customize the bounce backs or reject messages in the following format ?
<error code> Your message was rejected due to the banned phrase "example".

Like I said, not sure whether this should be handled by SNIMTA or ME itself.



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