MailEnable Version 8.56 - Released

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MailEnable Version 8.56 - Released

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MailEnable Pty. Ltd. is proud to announce the release of MailEnable version 8.56 (Standard, Professional, Enterprise and Premium).

Version 8.56 includes some significant feature improvements and fixes.

The update includes the following changes (for a comprehensive list please review the release notes):
  • ADD: Details for queue items in admin has more details and ability to block mailbox authenticating
    FIX: SMTP had memory leak in outbound TLS and in logging IPv6 addresses
    FIX: Highlighting links in a plain text email incorrect marks up emails within secure HTML links already marked up
    FIX: Webmail or indexing could stall on a message
    FIX: Indexing service may stop indexing, or keep creating extra processing threads
    FIX: Identities using removed signatures could generate webmail error
    FIX: Samsung IMAP client not showing IMAP folder list
    FIX: TEL tag in VCF file is not being converted to VCARD 3 format when sent to Yosemite client
    FIX: Long subject or attachment text in webmail was not wrapping, pushing right side of container outside preview pane
    FIX: Admin program would generate error when testing an invalid list datasource
    FIX: Option to automatically change email address when changing a domain name not working
    FIX: Postoffice connector option for disabling redirections does not work
    FIX: IE8 & IE7 compatibility improvements for webmail
    FIX: IMAP could return incorrect HasChildren and HasNoChildren flags
    FIX: List owner in admin was not compulsory field
    FIX: Moving some appointment types in webmail calendar by dragging could lock up webmail
    FIX: Admin outbound mail view send history option was not reading logs that were currently active by the mail services
    FIX: QP encoded descriptions in CalDAV items may not be decoded fully
    FIX: Can now manage EAS server cache from within WebMail (same as with SyncML cache)
    FIX: Added additional Hotmail specific EAS schema extensions to allow the server coupling of the Junk Mail folder
    FIX: The client configuration page in webmail crashes on some email addresses
    FIX: When reporting a messaage as spam in web mail it does not notify the MAPI client
    FIX: When no advert campaign is selected in web admin, advertising banner was showing blank area if advertising enabled
    FIX: Forwarding a message in web mail does not insert the FROM adddress in the original headers if the FROM has a friendly name
    FIX: EAS meeting events in calendar may not display the correct time if daylight savings change last week of month
    FIX: MTA could crash when global spam protection was doing whitelist check and the command file was an NDR with no IP address in it
    FIX: multipart/relative is handled same as multipart/related for IMAP BODYSTRUCTURE command
    FIX: HTTPMail Service could crash on some formated calendar items retrieved by CalDAV
    FIX: Folders that contain the name tasks cannot been seen under root folders in IMAP
    FIX: Address Resolution Problem after uploading multiple attachents in web mail
Regards, Andrew