MailEnable Version 8.61 Released

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MailEnable Version 8.61 Released

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Version 8.61 is now available from our previous version download pages. There is some significant improvements in stability and compatibility with this update, so if you are staying on version 8, please update to this release.

The update includes the following changes:

ADD: LDAP option to prevent showing directory entries if returning by mailbox
ADD: Clickatell now has option to indicate two-way subscription
FIX: Message tracking was not looking through the current days file
FIX: Appointment details page stopped working after closing Attendees popup window on iPad
FIX: Attachments may not seen in ActiveSync client if they had had content-disposition and no content-type
FIX: Using Pacific skin and going to options page doubled up the scrollbars
FIX: Indexing node in adminitration program was not being installed for Professional
FIX: System messages in webadmin not showing
FIX: When removing a postoffice in administration program it was not changing default postoffice settings and bindings
FIX: TinyMCE updated to support Windows Edge browser and other various bugs
FIX: Footers added to outbound messages could affect DKIM signing
FIX: Forward all email under mailbox properties was not removing dirsize.tmp file
FIX: Netfxextensibility45 is now detected by Diagnostic Report
FIX: Notification of message that has been forwarded was not synchronized accross MAPI clients
FIX: MAPI clients were not generating flag change notifications for other connections to same folder
FIX: Administration program now warns users when configuring the requires authentication option on port 25
FIX: Creating a group contact containing extended characters can get corrupted after doing a reset from server in MAPI client
FIX: Password recovery for webmail was case sensitive for the username
FIX: Indexing (and general parsing of appointments) was not handling attributes with colons in them
FIX: ActiveSync was recording _device.xml into wrong directory and ActiveSync admin loads wrong _device.xml when displaying device information
FIX: MEInstaller was not properly silent on some errors
FIX: Listing devices in ActiveSync administration utility now much faster
FIX: POP Retrieval activity log was not logging usernames correctly
FIX: Mobile web administration was saving security tokens in wrong place
FIX: Web administration does not load directory entries correctly, so some fields were not displayed
FIX: Could not edit directory entry on Windows 2012 in web administration
FIX: Webmail does not use global autodiscover options for server, but uses the
FIX: Administration program message details page was not showing recipients or sender if an = sign in the address
FIX: Administration program much faster creating mailboxes
FIX: MEInstaller was crashing if default IIS site was removed
FIX: Advanced option page in webmail was not showing when ActiveSync was disabled
FIX: Possible error message when requesting a search reindex in administration program
FIX: Deleting large batch of messages via EAS on Samsung S4 device causes device to timeout
FIX: IMAP UID flag ranges did not work if end of range did not exist
FIX: If a list or group only had one member the SMTP EXPN command would return an extra blank line
FIX: SMTP service had memory leak on outbound TLS
FIX: Webmail fails to display text boundary when no content type is set for message
FIX: Webmail is not displaying styles on heading or list tags
FIX: Samsung S4 not receiving reply/forward notification flags from server.
FIX: In webmail the Free/Busy table could not scroll on iPad
FIX: SMTP service could crash on receiving multiple messages in the one connection
FIX: Inboxes over 10Gb could cause incorrect mailbox size values when the DIRSIZE.TMP file is rebuilt
FIX: In webmail some option pages did not allow scrolling on the iPad
FIX: Keyboard appears and disappears in mobile webmail login page for iOS
FIX: With webmail you could not add/rename/delete/share folders on iPad
FIX: Webmail options page jumps when pressed on menu sub links on iPad & Android
FIX: On low disk space the providers may write partial configuration files