EAS randomly disconnects from server in Office 2016

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EAS randomly disconnects from server in Office 2016

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MailEnable Server v 9.80 running on Windows Server 2012 R2 Datacenter VM. All the latest Windows Updates installed.
Office 2016 running on Windows 10 1803 workstation and latest Windows Updates installed.
Outlook loads properly. Stays connected to the server for random lengths of time, then disconnects. While Outlook 2016 is disconnected, from the affected workstation: we can ping the mail server IP address. We can Remote Desktop to the mail server. Webmail works.
From the MailEnable Management Console (Remote Desktop from the affected workstation) we individually restarted all 13 ME services. Outlook 2016 still remains disconnected. Restarting the Server 2012 R2 VM running the ME server and Outlook 2016 reconnects to EAS within minutes. Nothing has been done at the workstation.

There are 3 other computers running EAS in this office. They are running Office 2010 on Windows 10. They have the same problem. We're concentrating on one workstaion at this time as we try to narrow down the problem...hence the installation of Office 2016 on this one workstation.

We originally (June 2016) set up all 125+ email accounts as MAPI using the MailEnable Outlook Connector. We noticed that not all incoming showed up in the inbox. Sometimes mail showed up in Outlook 2 weeks late. Webmail was always up-to-date. We gradually converted eveyone to iMAP which solved the late-arrival problem.

This one office requires Calendar Sharing so they are still MAPI/EAS.

Our mail server has one postoffice and now close to 150 mailboxes.

Any suggestions on keeping these 4 EAS/MAPI workstations connected to the MailEnable server?

Thanks in advance,

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